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About Cheetah Civil Construction

Cheetah Civil Construction WA, CCCWA, is a leading provider of communications infrastructure.

As we increasingly come to rely on mobile phone and broadband coverage wherever and whenever we go, effectively upgrading and maintaining these networks is crucial to our day-to-day lives.

We believe that we are one of Western Australia’s premier providers of construction, maintenance and asset management services to the telecommunications market.


Offering Solutions That Make A Difference



Services offered by CCCWA include installations of transmission equipment, new household and business broadband connections, new or replacement of telecommunication networks and cabling.

Our expertise covers fibre optic, HFC, broadband, high-speed data, copper technology and basic telephony. From rolling out state-of-the-art broadband networks to maintaining and upgrading existing telephone networks, CCCWA have the know-how and workforce to get the job done.


Civil Engineering and Design

CCCWA Operating in WA. Our Communications team provides civil engineering and design, construction, customer installations, for all types of fixed line jobs such as:

  • Pit and manhole installation and replacement

  • Conduit/duct installation and replacement

  • Large and small pair count copper cable hauling and splicing

  • Ribbon and loose tube fibre optic cable hauling and splicing

  • Cross connect and customer access electronics installations

  • Fault location and repair

  • Aerial cabling



CCCWA highly experienced project workforce and qualified contractors  build fixed line and mobile communications networks.

Our construction services range from laying and connecting fibre-optic cables to  other wireless network infrastructure.


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